Now the situation is going like that the flooring is not just for completing the construction of a building with an ordinary purpose. In terms with the science the flooring is the fundamental criteria and that much importance is needed while constructing the floor of a building. The Redmagmauae are the best flooring companies in Abu Dhabi, dubai .For different purposes and needs different flooring is needed. While in some cases only only the ordinary flooring is needed which is used for multipurpose. While in the case of residential flooring there is no need of selecting particular material for the flooring. But people are now wandering around to make their house flooring colourful and luxurious. So different types of materials or designs are used for the flooring of residential as well as for offices. One of the leading residential flooring companies in UAE is Redmagmauae. People are not satisfied with what they had, they need the best ,so they are running to fulfill their satisfaction while constructing the flooring. Now lots of varieties of designs as well as materials are now available in the market . Most of them were costlier and some of them needed special attention and caring while constructing the flooring. The Vinyl flooring is one of the luxurious flooring which gives the appearance of wood or stone. Best Vinyl Flooring Dubai is Redmagmauae and we had done a lots of work on basis of the demands of the customers. Some flooring needed special type of material because of the purpose which the floor is to be used. For example in the case of Gym flooring the floor should not be glazy, it should have some grip for the flooring . So grip type material is used while constructing a floor for gym . Carpet Tile flooring can be used for gym flooring because IT serves the feature of a carpet which have grip and is also long lasting than the ordinary carpets.