Radio Marca is a sports related radio station in Spain. Its broadcast content is relevant to a wide variety of sports, but it specializes in soccer. Some of the programs it churns out are the usual suspects: Real Madrid, Barcelona, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and other Spanish teams. It also provides coverage for other leagues and tournaments, such as the UEFA Champions League. In short, it is a dependable source of sports news, statistics, and information for fans of the game. In fact, it has the honor of being the first national Spanish radio station to specialize in the subject.

It is no wonder the Radio Marca is the flagship of its parent company Unidad Editorial. One of its most recent initiatives is the MARCA TV channel, which is a live stream of the same content as the FM radio station. The network is anchored by two seasoned TV presenters: Sara Carbonero and Vicente Ortega. The two will be doing their part to deliver the best user experience possible.