QuickBooks Error Code 20 appears on the screen. QuickBooks does not print anything because the printer is not activated. QuickBooks Printer not activated Error Code 20 is caused by a Windows 10 upgrade or by attempting to print from QuickBooks 2009 installed on a Windows 10 computer. QB 2009 is an out-of-date version that has compatibility issues when printing from Windows 10. QuickBooks 2009 no longer receives automatic updates after its official support expired in May 2012. QuickBooks 2009 was designed to run on Windows 7, the most recent version of Windows at the time, and technically, your data is also ten years behind the current QB Desktop version.

How do I resolve QuickBooks Printer Not Activated Error Code 20?

The solutions for QuickBooks Printer Not Activated Error Code 20 are given below:

STEP 1: Backup and restore the Windows Registry.

  1. To make manual changes to the registry, launch the registry editor.
  2. Open the file menu and save the registry export.
  3. If necessary, create a restore point to undo the Registry changes.
  4. Wait until the system restore point creation process is finished, then click OK.