As previously indicated, American Airlines name change is available both offline and online. You must take a few actions in order to complete it on your own. The following is a guide that we have written for you.

Follow each of these instructions carefully, and you will soon get a ticket with your accurate name on it.

Start the process by accessing the airline's official website.
Go to the "My Trips" option that may be found on the website's title bar next.
your reservation information in. The first and last name you used to book the ticket, as well as the reference number, are required.
Your reservation will show up on your screen once you click the "find reservation" button.
Select the ticket you wish to change the name on, type the new name, and then click the confirm button.
The airline will notify you of the updates and give you a confirmation email.

Since the airline does not make corrections frequently, be sure you enter the correct name this time.

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