Pros of Web3

1. Ownership of Data

End users will have complete control over the data they consume in a blockchain-powered Web 3.0.

2. Reduced Use of Business intermediaries

Web3.0 is a blockchain-based platform that will connect businesses and consumers directly

3. Web 3.0 Will Offer Transparency To The System

Users can trace their data and see the source code of the platforms they want to use thanks to the decentralized Internet.

4. Searching And Connecting Information Efficiently

Web 3.0 lets you search for information more efficiently.

5. Customizable Web Experience

They will offer a more individualized internet browsing experience.

Cons of Web3

1. Web 3.0 Technology Requires High-Tech Devices

To use Web3, users will need a device with higher-than-average specifications.

2. Beginners Can Find It Challenging To Grasp

Beginners need more time to understand the concept well.

3. Easy access to users' private and public data

Anyone can easily access the public and private information you provide online.

So, the above mentioned are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Web3. If you are looking to start a web3 business or if you are looking to build your own Web3 applications you can contact any Web3 Development Company.