What is Epoxy?

The chemical difference between epoxy coating and ordinary floor paints is a key feature of this coating. Resinous flooring is made of a two-part epoxy system composed of hardeners and polymer resins, much like epoxy glue. When correctly mixed, the epoxy resin and hardener form a chemical bond with one another and the floor. The chemical bond produces a tough plastic material that is strong, resistant to degrading and incredibly adheres to its substrate.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

The simplest way to describe epoxy flooring is as a surface made up of multiple layers of epoxy applied to a floor to a depth of at least 2 mm. People often need clarification when you compare an epoxy floor to an epoxy floor coating. The difference between the two is the thickness of the epoxy. As mentioned, an epoxy floor is a coating at least 2 mm thick. Most of the time, an epoxy floor that is less than 2 mm thick is called an epoxy floor coating.

How Long Will Epoxy Floors Remain in Good Condition?

When exposed to heavy foot activity, epoxy flooring will typically survive for two to three years. This method is common in commercial properties, such as garages, restaurants, and factory areas, that see a high volume of foot traffic daily. However, taking the time to care for and maintain your epoxy flooring may have a considerably longer lifespan.

If homeowners install epoxy flooring in their residential terrace or garage, they may expect that the flooring will retain its beautiful appearance for an extended period. Epoxy flooring in a domestic setting can endure for up to ten years when properly maintained.

How to Make Your Epoxy Floors Last Longer and Look Better:

Do you want to get more use of your epoxy flooring even after it has passed its expiration date? In this section, we have included the tips and tricks our previous clients shared with us on making your epoxy flooring more durable.

Complete regular maintenance activities:

After having an epoxy floor, the length of time it will remain in good condition is entirely up to you. You should make it a habit to sweep the flooring daily to remove any grit, dust, and grime to retain the quality it had when it was first installed. Once a week, give it a cleaning with a gentle scrubber to keep the shine intact.

If it's essential, you can coat again:

If your epoxy flooring is subjected to a high volume of foot traffic daily, you may need to devise a strategy to reapply the coating after many years. Most of the time, this applies to commercial properties, whether they have foot traffic or large vehicles. Reapply as often as necessary to preserve your present appearance and sensation.

Choose an experienced specialist to apply the epoxy:

Refrain from applying an epoxy coating on your floors when the time comes. Alternatively, get a professional. Instead, consider hiring a professional epoxy installer to ensure that excellent materials are utilized. Professional installers receive the education necessary to design and apply the ideal floor coating for a client's residential or business premises. More than that, you can have faith in the high value of your investment return.

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