Can Southwest flights be cancelled? Yes. Among the big airlines, Southwest Airlines boasts one of the strongest cancellation policies. In the past, Southwest was the only airline with a customer-friendly change and cancellation policy, but since the epidemic, other airlines have been more accommodating for last-minute alterations to flights.

However, one of the more accommodating cancellation policies is that of Southwest. The information you need to cancel your own Southwest flight is provided below.

You may easily cancel your Southwest flight. You can check your reservation on the Southwest website or on the Southwest mobile app. Along with the reservation's confirmation number, enter the first and last names of the ticketed passenger.

Alternatively, if you used your Rapid Rewards number when making the initial reservation, you can find the flight on your My Account page by calling the Southwest reservations line at 800-419-8165. You can check any travel balances or refundable sums associated with the confirmation number after entering your flight information.

There are no change costs if you need to change your flight reservation, according to Southwest Airlines Cancellation policy . You can alter your ticket as many times as you like, but if the new flight is more expensive than the previous one, you will need to pay the difference.

Call the reservations line to make a change to your Southwest ticket, or use the app or website to check up your flight using the confirmation number and traveller details.