Here is the Xero Accounting vs QuickBooks Comparison

Xero Supports Unlimited Users: Are you confused to choose between Xero Accounting vs QuickBooks? You’re in luck because both QuickBooks Online and Xero support multiple users. QuickBooks Online supports a maximum of 25 users if you subscribe to the Advanced Plan, the most expensive tier. On the other hand, Xero supports unlimited users, no matter which plans you’re on. Both plans are similar in that you can set custom permissions for your users.

QuickBooks Online Is Easier to Use: Unlike its desktop countertop QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Online is surprisingly easy to learn and use. Even accounting newbies won’t face many challenges when using this software, which features a well-designed, user-friendly UI. On the other hand, Xero has a steep learning curve, and setting up the software can be challenging. Fortunately, Xero offers several support resources to help you get up and running. Still, QuickBooks Online is the easier of the two to use, especially for beginners with no prior accounting experience.

QuickBooks Online Has Better Mobile Apps: QuickBooks Online and Xero both offer mobile apps for tracking your business finances on the go. QBO only has a handful of complaints about its apps. On the other hand, many Xero users have complained about app functionality, bugs, and errors.

Xero Has Better Uptime: Both QuickBooks Online and Xero use data encryption, redundancy, and physical security measures at their prospective data centers. However, Xero boasts an unheard-of 99.97% uptime and has one of the strongest security reputations in the cloud accounting world. In addition, QuickBooks Online users have reported downtime and outage issues on several occasions.

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