The idea of Web3 promises a new internet owned and controlled by users rather than big tech companies. Many believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will enable this vision by decentralizing power structures.

But there are also skeptics who think the Web3 narrative is overhyped. They argue the space is still dominated by VC firms and wealthy 'crypto-bros' rather than everyday users. The technologies also face adoption obstacles.

What role do you think crypto can realistically play in realizing the Web3 vision?

Some questions to consider:

What applications like DeFi and DAOs truly empower average users vs benefit the few?
Can DAO governance structures scale efficiently?
Will mainstream users care about owning online identities and assets?
Does the crypto space need to overcome wealth concentration before enabling decentralization?
How can UX and accessibility be improved to make Web3 mainstream?
What regulatory clarity is needed to unlock innovation?
I'm curious to hear perspectives on both sides. Does crypto hold the potential to redistribute power and ownership online? Or is the Web3 narrative idealistic hype? What opportunities and challenges lie ahead?

Looking forward to a thoughtful discussion on the role cryptocurrencies can realistically play in building the next generation, user-controlled internet!