Once you want to check whether you are eligible to avail refunds with American Airlines, in that case you have up to 24 hours if we start from the time of purchase of the ticket against which the refund has to be filed. This is only applicable only if you had your bookings done at least 2 days prior to the date of departure.

The 24-hour refund policy is applicable to all types of tickets that are booked with American Airlines, but in that case you have to cancel the trip in order to get a refund against the same ticket.

Reservations that were supposed to be booked as a part of the group block do not qualify for availing the 24 hour refund.

Important to mention that American Airlines are quite strict about the refund policy of tickets.

So, using the above points, one can easily know whether you are eligible to avail a refund with American Airlines or not. You can simply verify these points too for hassle free experience at the time of your next flight with American Airlines. For further assistance, the customers are freely eligible to talk to the American Airlines reservations help desk either at the American Airlines airport for real time assistance or they can opt for various modes of online communication that are available to ensure quality customer service like via American Airlines Customer Service Phone Number.