Your mind is filled with a lot of ideas. Intellectual property refers to the creations that these ideas inspire. Intellectual property comes in many forms, including copyright, trademarks, and patents. We'll examine the distinction between a trademark and a patent in this post.

What is Trademark?
A trademark is a symbol, phrase, or design that businesses employ in the sale of their goods or services. It sets one of the competing companies' products apart from other, comparable ones. Under the Trade Mark Act of 1999, it is defined. It is primarily a mark that can distinguish between the products or services of one person and those of another.

The brand name or slogans of the company are protected by trademark rights. It serves as a deterrent against the company utilising a mark or symbol that is similar. Registration of trademarks is not required.
The trademark should not contain a description, but it should be brief and meet the registration standards. It develops a brand for the company's goods.

Anyone who wants to register a trademark with the authority is welcome to do so.

Professionals can submit the trademark application online at on govt website.

You can also get help by visiting: Trademark And Patent Registration.