Through the GST portal run by the Government of India, firms registered under the GST are required to submit returns on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis depending on the type of business. Along with the tax that was collected and paid, they must provide the specifics of the sales and purchases of products and services.

The introduction of a comprehensive income tax system like the GST in India will guarantee the openness and simplicity of taxpayer services including registration, returns, and compliance. The four forms—return for supplies, return for purchases, monthly returns, and yearly return—will be used by individual taxpayers to file their GST returns. Small taxpayers that chose a composition plan must provide quarterly reports. Every return will be filed online.

A GST return is an official record that includes information about all purchases, sales, taxes paid on purchases, and taxes received on sales. Following the submission of the GST returns, the person must settle their tax debt.

All business entities that are registered under the GST system are required to file GST returns. Based on the type of business, the filing procedure must be determined.

A GST Return must be filed by any registered dealer who participates in any of the following activities:

How to File GST Returns Online?

All taxpayers, including manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and customers, are required to file their tax returns with the GST department each year. The process of filing tax returns has been automated under the new GST system. By using the software or apps made available by the Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN), GST returns can be submitted online with the information on each GSTR form automatically filled in. The steps for submitting a GST return online are as follows:

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