Final Fantasy 16 players have noticed an intriguing tower in the region of Rosaria, but despite its appearance in a prior State of Play trailer, they are unable to visit or explore it in the game. This has sparked discussions among fans about the potential significance of this removed location and what it could have been.

Some fans expressed disappointment about the removal of additional content, but it remains uncertain if this is indeed the case. There are speculations that the tower might have been removed for future DLC, but such assumptions seem less likely at this point. The tower's presence in one of the trailer's builds and its absence in the other further fuels the mystery, leaving players curious about its purpose.

The tower's crystal-like structure with supporting beams at the bottom and a narrow top has led fans to believe it might have been a story location, possibly connected to the Apothecary. Others speculate it could have been a now-removed Deep Dungeon or Bloody Palace, which might be reintroduced through free updates or DLC.

However, it's important to note that Final Fantasy 16 producer Yoshi-P emphasized releasing the game as a complete experience without relying on DLC. While the potential for expansion exists, Square Enix has not confirmed concrete plans for Final Fantasy 16 DLC. The game's success and player feedback will likely influence any future DLC decisions.

For now, the enigmatic tower in Rosaria remains a topic of discussion among Final Fantasy 16 fans, and they eagerly await any official comments from Square Enix that may shed light on its significance or potential future exploration.