Browser is more essential for us when we search things on internet and Chrome Browser is more demanding browser Millions of people use it's for searching thins and their works on the internet. but what happens when Google Chrome Not Working on your devices? You went stuck to working with internet surfing. Because you have no idea how to fix your Google Chrome Not Working. But for the solution to this type of situation we provide a helpline for you, here we help you with our support service assistance team who is always available for you to sort out all your problems related to Google Chrome Not Working.
How to fix Google Chrome not responding error
Although there is no documented solution for Chrome unresponsiveness, you can try the following steps, which are listed in order, to restore your browser.

Upgraded to the latest version of Chrome. Before you start using Chrome and lose track of the issues, go to Settings > Help > About Google Chrome to open a new tab that displays Chrome installation information. At the same time, Chrome checks for the latest version. If you can find one, do it now.

The settings menu contains three icons in the left-hand pane.

Checking history and ignoring cache can ruin your day. So there is no need to try. Please clear your browser history. If the data is compromised, it should be removed.

If Chrome encounters a memory error in conjunction with the operating system’s available RAM allocation, restart the app. Restarting your computer will free up system RAM and expose Chrome to a new environment.

Installing Extensions Extensions play an important role in adding new features to the Chrome ecosystem. However, browsers may not save some of them automatically. Use one additive at a time to determine if each additive is causing the problem.

Clear your DNS cache. If Chrome is offline, the DNS cache affects your network connection. DNS enables browsers to find websites based on their URL, not their IP address. If you have it, removal is better.

Also, the firewall doesn't block Chrome. Once you’ve got the firewall working, it’s always a good idea to make sure new settings don’t block Chrome.

On Windows, check the firewall settings with Windows Defender. Check your firewall settings on Linux to see if Chrome is turned off, but it doesn’t seem as obvious as Chrome. Open a terminal and verify that ports 80 and 443 are inbound and outbound. Use one of these two commands.

Restore Chrome to default settings. This can happen when something goes wrong or settings combine to cause problems. The only way is to restore everything as it was the first time you installed Chrome.

Restart Chrome. If that doesn’t work, reset Chrome to default, uninstall and reinstall. This is the best way to restore Chrome, but it’s not necessary.

Contact Google Chrome Support. If something goes wrong, you can contact Google Customer Support to resolve the issue.

The questions are very familiar
Why doesn’t my microphone work in Google Chrome?
Make sure you access the website with a microphone. To give Chrome access to the microphone, check the box next to the URL at the top of Chrome and select Site Settings. In the Authorization section, select Voicemail and select Authorization or Request.

What causes a black screen in Google Chrome?
The Google Chrome black screen error is caused by a bug or test process. This often happens with extensions that don’t sync with the latest versions from Google, so try updating Chrome or disabling extensions.
Why is my sound not working in Google Chrome?
If you don’t have sound in Google Chrome, right-click in your browser and make sure the sound is turned on. If you can’t hear it, disable all extensions and restart Chrome.