Weave Length Chart
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How to measure woolen length
I think everyone knows that glueless lace wig length is measured from the hairline (hair root) to the tip of the hair. However, some people may not know that different hairstyles require different colored wigs. Understanding these differences can help minimize misunderstandings between hair sellers and buyers. Below are the steps to measure the length of straight hair and wavy curly hair.
How to easily measure the length of straight hair
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Straight hair is the easiest hairstyle to measure. All you need is a tape measure that measures in inches, centimeters, or both. First, make sure your hair is straight. Next, place the tip of the ruler at 0 inches or 0 centimeters of the hair follicle. The number to the tip of the hair is the length of the hair.
The process is quick and easy. Therefore, there are few misconceptions about the length of this hairstyle.
How to correctly measure the length of curly wavy hair
Misconceptions regarding the length of braided hair most often occur with curly and wavy hairstyles. Some customers measure their hair and complain that the bundle is too short than what they ordered. If this is the case for you too, don't rush to complain. Please wait. First please measure your hair size correctly as follows:
Please note that the hair length that is counted is the length of the natural straight hair material used. Therefore, the key to the correct method is to stretch your curly, wavy hair to its natural straight texture before taking measurements. Then just measure the length from the base to the end to get the exact length.
Curly, wavy hair is typically 2 to 5 inches shorter than its actual length when unstretched. The tighter the curls, the shorter they will appear. Always keep this in mind to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings with your hairdresser.
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