There are a few reasons your Cash App payment pending. First, your WiFi connection or mobile signal may be unreliable. Second, your payment may be flagged as a security risk. You can contact Cash App support for further information if this is the case.

Another reason why Cash App payment is pending is that you may have skipped a critical software update. Or your credit card may have expired. Lastly, ensure you have the latest version of the Cash App on your mobile device. The Cash App can take a few minutes to a few days to process a payment. You can try again, but be patient and don't give up.

When a Cash App tries to make a payment, it must be able to contact your bank. If it can't connect, the app will not be able to process the transaction. If unsure what happened, check the Cash App status page or follow the Cash App Twitter account to get more information. If none of those options work, try refreshing your phone or changing your Cash App account settings.

If you want to cancel pending Cash App payment, you can use the cancel feature on the Cash App to cancel the transaction. Once you do this, the money will be refunded to you immediately. If you've made a payment pending, don't resend it because this might result in a double payment.