If you are wondering how to load money to Cash App card from any of the following stores: Walmart, Walgreen, and 7-11. You must first sign up for the Cash App service to load your card. It's free for regular Walgreens customers and costs up to $4 if you're not a regular customer. After signing up, go to the Cash App on your phone and select 'Add money. You'll be asked for the account number and card information.

You'll need to enter your mobile phone number to activate your Cash App account. Then, visit the cashier and ask for a cashier to load money on your Cash App account. You can do this online or by asking the cashier at any Walgreens store. If you're already a registered customer at Walgreens, you can reduce the Cash App fee by providing the cashier with your customer number.

The Cash App card works with many stores and is easy to use. When you buy something, you can load cash on your card and pay with it later. You can also load your Cash App card with money from your bank account. The convenience of this service makes it one of the most popular ways to pay for things. Many people use the Cash App card to pay for their everyday necessities.

In addition to Walmart, Walgreen and 7-11 offer Cash App card reloading services. These stores also offer services where you can load your card from your bank. All it takes is a few minutes. Then you're ready to use your Cash App card to make purchases!