Cash App cards are a convenient way to pay for purchases at CVS, and the store accepts these cards as payment. The only catch is that you must have a valid bank account to use the service. Fortunately, you can quickly load your Cash App card at CVS by following a few simple steps.

To start, you can go online and register your Cash App card.
Then, visit the store and have the cashier scan your Cash App QR code and complete your transaction.
You'll be charged a service fee, but the fee is minimal, and the process takes seconds.

You can load your Cash App card at any participating CVS location. You'll need to show the cashier your card's reference number and pay the service fee. The cashier will then load your Cash App card with money. The cost of the service varies by store, but it typically costs $4.95. Once you've loaded your card, you can use it at other stores to make purchases.