When your Cash App account closed violation of the terms of service, you need to know what to do to reopen it. There are several steps you can take to do this. You can first contact Cash App client support to help you reopen your account.

If you've lost track of your password or have a Cash App account closed, it's essential to know how to reactivate your account. First, make sure that you're using a verified account. You can also contact customer support to reactivate your account.

There are several reasons why Cash App may have closed your account. You should first contact the app's support team. You can visit the Cash App support page or call the customer service line. Sometimes, you'll be required to input a sign-in code to reactivate your account. In other cases, you can receive your login credentials via email.

The main reason why your Cash App account closed is that you've violated their terms of service. You might have accidentally entered your password multiple times or logged into your account on several devices. Whatever the reason, Cash App wants to prevent unauthorised logins, and closing your account is one way to do that.