In today's world, companies need to maintain records for business transactions. To ensure efficient decision making, they want to keep their environment simple, manageable and easily accessible. QuickBooks Desktop Hosting is the best solution to seamlessly share files with clients and co-workers while making a faster and more effective exchange. It also takes care of data security without having to add more IT resources.

Here is how Quickbooks hosting enables you to work efficiently and keeps your accounts up-to-date:

Publish your application: Host your accounting desktop applications with companies that support BYOD such as laptops, tablets, etc. Custom-tailored security policies can be applied, and administrators can restrict or block expansion ports such as USB, memory card, etc. Users can only connect to devices that are approved for usage. Any published or assigned applications, such as QuickBooks, SigerCon, can be accessed from any device. QuickBooks hosting provides twin benefits of the ability to access the computer online as well as the robustness of the desktop version. Additionally, it offers a flawless user experience while working on different platforms and operating systems.

Coordinate with your Clients: One can have access to the desktop anytime and anywhere through DaaS virtual desktop platform. Businesses can take the benefit of using and running their accounting applications and interact with clients; whether in office or on the move. The tax consultants can also work with their clients directly and provide accounting information as required. With QuickBooks hosting services, data backup is available at multiple locations through which data can be recovered easily in case of any disaster.

Centralized Management: It is possible to manage business-critical accounting applications from a single shared location, whether it is Sage, QuickBooks or Microsoft Word, Excel; always available and ready to go with zero downtime. You can easily share your business documents, forms, and signatures with employees and clients with Quickbooks hosting as your arsenal. All your business needs are at your fingertips, just waiting to be accessed.