You can reset your Cash App PIN easily if you've forgotten it. Tap the upper right corner of your account on your smartphone and select "Account Settings." You'll then be able to select a new PIN within a few minutes. If you have a supported phone, you may also be able to use face or fingerprint authentication.

Changing your PIN is an essential security measure to ensure no one else has access to your Cash App account. It can also help avoid losing your money if you accidentally share your PIN with someone. Changing your Cash App PIN is essential if you've shared your phone with another person or have accidentally shared it with a third party.

The first step in changing your Cash App PIN is to sign into your Cash App account.
Navigate to the Settings tab and choose Privacy and Security.
Scroll down until you find "Change Cash PIN." Once you've found the PIN change option, enter your new four-digit PIN twice.
After that, you'll be able to continue making payments using the Cash App.
If you're unsure how to change your Cash App PIN, you can consult Cash App customer support. The process is quick and takes just a few minutes.