You must verify your identity to send money with the Cash App. You can verify your identity by submitting your SSN or a government-issued ID card. After submitting your details, you will receive a confirmation from the Cash App within 48 hours. It is essential to use a government-issued SSN because if you provide an SSN that the government does not approve, your transaction will be cancelled. If this happens, there are alternative methods you can use.

You can also verify identity on Cash App by uploading a picture of your state ID or driver's licence. Once you've uploaded the photo, the Cash App will verify your identity within 48 hours. In addition to verifying your identity, Cash App will also report your account to the IRS. Moreover, if you're under the age of thirteen, the Cash App will detect this and decline your account until you obtain approval from your legal guardian.

The Cash App can be used on Android or iPhone.
To verify your identity on the app, you must have a government-issued SSN and a valid date of birth.
It will also require a photo of your government-issued ID card.
Once you provide all the required information, the Cash App will confirm your identity and provide you with an increased Cash App limit.

Once you've submitted all of the information required for Cash App account verification, you must wait for the confirmation to complete. Typically, the process takes up to 24 hours, although it can be much longer. To ensure the process goes smoothly, you should upload a clear photo of yourself and enter all required details correctly on the first attempt. You should contact the Cash App helpline if you don't get the confirmation within the promised timeframe.