If you have a long flight, are suffering from health issues, and are seated far from the airplane lavatory, you will need to use it frequently. This can make your journey an unpleasant experience. If you are traveling with Icelandair and have already booked a flight ticket, and want to know the process of Icelandair seat selection to make your journey more comfortable, then read the below information.

What is Icelandair's seat selection policy?

For Economy Fares

Seat selection is included in Economy Standard and Economy Flex tickets. The front seating area of the cabin is available for both of these fares. But Economy Standard has to pay for these seats.

In Economy Light, the seat selection process is not included. You will get an assigned seat for free. You can select your preferred seat anywhere in the cabin free of cost.

For Saga Fares

For saga fares, passenger seat selection is included in Saga Premium and Saga Premium Flex tickets.

How to select your seat on Icelandair?

You can select the seat just after booking a ticket for yourself or do it later while checking- in by following the given steps.

Visit the official website at www.icelandair.com

Select the check-in option available on the home screen

Fill out your last and booking reference number

Follow the onscreen instruction for check-in, and after that, select the additional services

Select the available seats and complete the process

You will have to pay the applicable charges depending on your travel class.


You can use the official website, customer service phone, or in-person airport helpdesk for the seat selection procedure. If you select your seat while booking, you don't have to pay extra charges. The seat selection charges will depend on the travel class and your destination.