Users generally ask about how do I fix Gmail sync error. Here's the answer:
• The Gmail app needs an update.
Restart the computer.
Look through the settings.
Clean out the storage.
Verify the password.
Delete all the Gmail data.
Gmail momentarily runs into issue 500. The user will be directed to a page with a 500 error code and the options to "Try Again" and "Sign Out" rather than being forwarded to the feed. The server is often the problem. On the other hand, sluggish network connections, faulty browsing data, or third-party applications might also be the cause. To Learn How do I fix Gmail temporary error 500, the user needs to follow the following steps:
• Checking the Gmail server
Being an online application, for service delivery and proper operation, Gmail is dependent on Google's servers.
• Re-login the account
Gmail may not display an email feed for some users, as it may have become corrupted due to platform problems and anomalies. The user data should be reset as a result. If Gmail is not showing the email feed, consider exiting the current session and returning after a while.
• Restarting the device
Try restarting the system to reload its resources and eliminate any temporary bugs or glitches. To access the 'start menu, press the 'windows key on the keyboard, and then 'restart' the computer.