Customers who attempt to use the cancellation function must comply with the various conditions of the carrier. They help preserve the privacy of users while maintaining their security.
The following are important conditions highlighted in Delta's cancellation policy:
Tickets purchased directly with Delta are eligible for a name change should this be the reason for cancellation. The name change policy does not apply to reservations made through third party sites.
The option to cancel your ticket will be open a few hours before the departure of your flight. This is seen if you have made your reservation at least one week before your flight schedule.
Both domestic and international flights can be cancelled. However, the rules may differ in each of these cases.
Delta's 24-hour cancellation policy applies when you wish to reverse your reservation within the aforementioned hours of your flight reservation.
Sometimes if cancellation is not available on your ticket then there may be an option to change your flight. You can check the official site of the operator for more information about it.
Note: Travel itinerary, departure destination and time of request may influence cancellation eligibility. These details may be updated on Delta's official website from time to time.