One of the most useful products offered by the corporation is Google Classroom. It is particularly targeted towards the educational sector, as suggested by its name.

Teachers can give their pupils homework and other assignments to complete using the app. Even better, it enables a full'remote learning' experience through video call when used in conjunction with services like Google Meet.

However, it appears that many students and teachers are currently having trouble using Google Classroom because the servers either appear to be down or not functioning.

According to numerous reports, a number of users can't currently access the Google Classroom platform. The outage appears to be affecting both the app and the website.

When users attempt to access Classroom, all they receive is a '404 error' notice, they claim. The problem prevents teachers from grading incomplete assignments from students or vice versa.

Read the complete steps here Fix Google Classroom not Working or call +1-888-653-7618 in PST business hours.