In the earlier stage, your dissertation proposal is the most essential step. It can be considered like a trailer of the movie, if the trailer is impressive then only audience would watch the movie. Same goes for your dissertation proposal as it will persuade the committee to decide whether your dissertation is worthwhile or not. It should pose the apt question and should have enough material to make a dissertation out of it. It will clarify your argument, thoughts and approach to your topic.

After the approval of the dissertation proposal, you will write the economic dissertation help on the basis of what has been submitted in the proposal. The arrangement of research contents is equally important as the research itself. Take a look at the body of dissertation help service we offer -

The introduction is the part where the meat of a dissertation starts. Before this, you have the title page, acknowledgements page, abstract, table of contents, list of figures and tables and list of abbreviations. These are all important aspect of a dissertation which it must carry as they are a part of the format. Depending on your university, the format might vary although, this is generally the standard under dissertation help service AU. While the abstract is short and concise, the introduction should broaden the content coming up and the reader should understand how, what and why part of your research.

Literature Review
In this section, you will talk about what the current literature talks about your topic. What is lacking and how is your research going to contribute to the current scenario also and how present studies helped you develop your methodology. You can provide your framework in this part and inform us about your university’s requirement. In your dissertation assignment help, we take note of your university’s standards to give you what you and your professors are looking for.

There are two essential elements in this part- how you are conducting the research and why did you plan to do it this way. In this part, your professors expect you to know which research type you are choosing because your dissertation is mostly the first time your research skills are analyzed and they have to be up to the mark. Our online dissertation writing help ensures that the skills are demonstrated appropriately.

There are two ways you can conduct your research – quantitative and qualitative. While quantitative research is represented in numbers and graphs, qualitative is expressed in words. Quantitative methodology is used when one wants to test theories and assumptions. It involves experiments, observation in forms of numbers, and surveys. Qualitative methodology is used to understand thoughts, concepts or experiences. It includes interviews with open-ended questions, observations described subjectively, and exploration of concepts and theories.

Result and Discussion
First, you display the raw results then you give its analysis. Your result has to be discussed in relation to the research question you have raised and come up with the answer. You are required to tell the readers what your findings suggest.

After the discussion of your results’ interpretation, answer your research question and here you have to clearly state the conclusion to bring the discussion full circle. You should also discuss the implications and limitations of your research. To write in the standard style, we provide dissertation writing help service with a reference list and appendices.