Apple is definitely the market leader. Apple always develop advanced apps including call recorder for iphone, productivity apps, photo apps and many more.

As we all know Installous was a hugely popular app within Cydia. It was a large source for downloading pre-cracked and pirated apps as well as exclusive tweaks and mods that were not available through the Apple App Store. Unfortunately, you can no longer download Installous and add it to your iPhone or iPad because it was removed from the Cydia store.

Although the Installous repo may be long gone, developers have been hard at work to recreate the beloved app. These 10 installous alternatives are all free to use and provide much of the same content.

The Best Installous Replacements

  1. Kuaiyong: Translated into English, Kuaiyong literally means “Use it quickly.” Although it’s one of the most popular Installous alternatives available, developers aren’t sure how long the application will last. Like Installous, Kuaiyong provides users with a plethora of content. It has pre-cracked apps, IPA files, and pirated apps which users love. It’s also unique, in the fact that users aren’t required to have an Apple ID to use the app.

  2. Zeusmos: For a straightforward Installous alternative on your iPhone, try Zuesmos. The app has all the content a user could want: pre-cracked apps, IPA files, themes, ringtones, and more. It also has a long list of sophisticated and premium apps, which is great for the advanced user. Although not quite as popular as other alternatives, Zeusmos is a great source for downloading content.

  3. AppCake: First introduced in 2008, AppCake has remained a popular alternative to Installous even before it was removed from Cydia. The app offers hundreds of free apps, games, themes, and IPA files. It’s also available for Android devices, so there’s plenty to see within the store.

  4. vShare: Working as a gateway to millions of apps, vShare is another popular Installous replacement. The app itself features pre-cracked apps, games, themes, ringtones, soundboards, and more. Although it may not be as feature-rich as other platforms, vShare makes up for it in speed. The uncluttered app is streamlined for speed and ease of use, so don’t expect to find any extra bells and whistles.

5.iFunBox: One of the most commonly recommended alternatives for the Installous source, iFunBox has it all. It has all the standard apps, themes, mods, and hacks users would expect to see. But what makes it unique is its availability, as it can be used on both computers and iDevices. This makes it incredibly easy to download and install apps. Just search for the app on the computer, download the file, and sync it to the device.

  1. HipStore: Similar to iFunBox, HipStore also allows Cydia users to download content via their computers. Users simply download the files, plug their iPhone, iPad, or iPod into their computer, and drag the files to their device. Like other alternatives, HipBox has anything a user could want: IPA files, apps, games, and themes.

  2. Panda App: Like many of the other Installous alternatives for jailbroken iPhones, Panda App has a variety of programs and downloads to choose from. It has all the standard apps, cracks, hacks, themes, and more. However, it’s another one that’s similar to iFunBox. Instead of downloading content directly to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod, users use their computers. They just download the files to their computer and transfer them to the devices file directory.

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