Interjet airline reservation in class of service
Economy class
The Interjet airline has economy class as a standard passenger flight reservation service. Book the domestic flight of your choice with Interjet.
Interjet offers different types of tickets:
Light fares include snacks, drinks and 2 pieces of hand luggage, which must weigh less than 10 kg.
Optima offers checked baggage up to 25 kg. Plus, you can choose seats, get free food and drinks, and free ticket changes for Interjet Airlines reservations.
Although the priority class has two checked bags of 25 kg each, in addition to two pieces of hand luggage.
Economy seat and amenities
Interjet economy seats are of standard quality. There is a fee for almost everything, but a free checked bag is offered. Economy seats have a pitch of 86 cm. you can pre-order food according to your needs and itineraries
Business class
You can book international Interjet flights in business class. Interjet Business Class offers more amenities and services on board than Economy Class. However, seats in this class are also very comfortable for long journeys. You must select this class in your Interjet Airlines reservations when traveling to your desired destination.
In-flight entertainment
Interjet's inflight entertainment is different from other airlines. They provide an IFE and Wi-Fi system on their fleet of Airbus A320s. They can pass the time with a flight log and a specific display that has the correct cables. When you book an Interjet Airlines reservation, you get free snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your trip.