Partying at a club feels good and is always a special night. However, one cannot deny that choosing the right party outfit for the night is daunting. Though many people dismiss it as expressing yourself, there's much more to that.

Nightclubs are social hotspots where everyone is expected to look their best. Most clubs don't allow baggy attires, slippers, and sweats. These are the unsaid dress codes that you need to be aware of.

In this article, we'll talk about a woman's Style Guide to a nightclub for sleek and sexy looks.

● Dress Upscale
Regardless of the kind of club you're visiting, you mustn't look like you're straight out of bed. Wear classy outfits that fit you well.

● Dress to Impress
We're not talking about going too flashy here, but a minimally bold outfit with matching accessories can do the trick.

● Flaunt your Curves
If you have a curvaceous body- what not flaunt it? Wear a pencil skirt or leather pants with full sleeves to flaunt those curves.

● Semi-Formal Ensemble
If you want a semi-formal look for the night, simply wear a button-down shirt with a tube top and a skirt ensemble. Wear belts if you so wish.

● The Cool Look
High-waisted jeans are the cool look you can serve at night with halter tops and sandals or boots.