Austrian Airlines is the country's flag carrier and a subsidiary of Lufthansa Airlines. Its main hub is at Vienna International Airport. Although the airline was founded in the 1950s by the merger of Air Austria and Austrian Airways, its history dates back to the 1920s.
It was then known as Austrian Airways and was a state-owned organization. One of Austrian Airlines' first bookings was for Zurich and London, as they continued to expand their fleet. in 1971 it became a 100% jet airline, and by 1990 its fleet included Boeing, Airbus
The 1990s saw an integrated effort to expand into newer markets and long-haul destinations such as China and South Africa. in 2009 it was acquired by Lufthansa with the permission of the European Commission. With Lufthansa, it was a period of restructuring, restructuring and renewal. In addition to the addition of new routes, new planes, etc., a number of problems have been resolved during this period. For a time, Austrian Airlines also operated under the Tyrolean Airways name (one of its subsidiaries). In 2015 all flights were transferred back to Austrian Airlines and Tyrolean continued to merge with it.
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