Yes, passengers can easily cancel the flight ticket they booked on Icelandair Airlines. Often passengers can ask questions regarding How do I cancel Icelandair flight? when they are not aware of the process to cancel the flight tickets. There are a few essential segments to cancel the flight tickets that passengers have reserved on Icelandair.

Being a flag carrier for the residents of Iceland, it has multiple services that are always useful for passengers. To cancel the flight tickets of Icelandair, they can go through these points mentioned below:

Here are ways to cancel their flight tickets:

Press on the ‘manage my trip’ section after visiting the official site of Icelandair.
There airline will ask to enter the PNR credentials of the flight tickets that passengers have reserved for their journey.
Next, a new page will appear on the screen, where there are different options mentioned by the airline.
Tap on the ‘cancel my flight’ tickets option. Details will be given to the passengers of the booked flight tickets.
Press the cancel button option to cancel the flight tickets. If you cancel your flight tickets a few days before the date of departure, the airline will ask for the cancelation charges.
Pay the charges according to the flight tickets that the passengers reserved.
The confirmation mail will be sent to the passengers at their email address.

Follow the terms and conditions before canceling Icelandair flight tickets:

Here are some policies of the airline that they need to follow before proceeding with the cancelation steps:

If passengers want free cancelation of their Icelandair flight tickets, they must cancel them within 24 hours of booking.
After the booking day, the passengers will charge for canceling flight tickets.
The flight ticket charges depend on the type of flight tickets reserved by the passengers.
Travelers who have the membership of an elite member of the airline are neglected from paying any type of cancelation charges to the airline.
The flight tickets that are used or lapsed will not be accepted to get canceled by the airline.