If you are not able to reset your Facebook account password or verify your login ID, then you can try to reset your account password. You can get access to your Facebook account via the alternative email or mobile phone number provided in your account.

Try resetting your email account

If you signed in to Facebook with your email, contact your email service provider to gain access to the email in your Facebook account. For example, are many email service providers bothering themselves? Selection on the login screen.

If you restore access to your email, you can take steps to reset your password.

Try your mobile phone number

If you have entered your mobile number, check the tips on how to access your mobile phone number.

Try trusted contacts

Visit Facebook.com/login/identify and click on the forgotten password.

Go to the recovery page, which allows you to send an alternative email ID.

After that, enter the name of the trusted contact and follow the instructions to send the recovery code link on the screen to the trusted contact.

Get code from trusted contacts

Contact these friends and tell them to open the link.

Get a security code from them.

Enter it in the desired web field and reset the password.

I can’t reset my password because I’ve reached the password reset limit
Check the spam or junk email file with the link to reset your password.

To keep your account secure, we allow you to request a new password several times each day. If you have reached this limit, you will have to wait 24 hours to try to reset your password.