Most of the app data on your Android is probably synced online will automatically sync to a new phone or tablet. However, your Google Authenticator credentials won’t — they aren’t synchronized for obvious security reasons.

If you’re doing a factory reset, getting a new phone, or just want to copy your credentials to a second device, these steps will help you move your authenticator data over so you won’t lose your access codes.

Google now allows you to move your credentials to a different phone. Access the 2-step verification page, click the Move to a different phone link, and scan the QR code or enter your credentials into a new phone. Your old authentication app will stop working.

Other services that use Google Authenticator may not offer this feature, so you may need to disable and re-enable your account or extract your codes instead. One of the processes below will also allow you to enable Google Authenticator on multiple devices – such as your phone and your tablet – although Google claims not to support this is how you can Reset Google Authenticator.