There are times when you don't use your Facebook account; your account gets locked. It might happen due to forgetting the password and wrong attempts to log in. Besides, there is another possibility that your account might indulge in some unsolicited activities.
No matter what reason is behind getting your account locked, you can recover your account by doing a few simple steps. But if you want to get help from the support team, contact the support over a phone call. Moreover, if you wonder how do I contact Facebook when my account is locked, go through the information explained below.
Get in Touch with a Tech Support on a Phone Call
To start with, dial the Facebook tech support number and make a phone call.
Next, as per the IVR, you receive some options to choose a language.
Also, you should choose the topic on which you need help.
In this way, your call redirects to a support team agent who provides you complete support.
If your call doesn't redirect to a support team member, you should wait for a few minutes. The moment your call connects, you get quick support from tech experts.
Contact the Chat Support of Facebook
If you have a Facebook business account, you get chat support for any query. If you run ads through your business account and face some trouble, you can request a chat. The support team will provide you with complete information to get rid of the issue. Moreover, by clicking the chat icon, the support team assigns a representative who gives you comprehensive support.
With this, now, you won't be looking for some information to answer your query that how do I contact Facebook when my account is locked. If you still wonder about getting customer service, you should dial the technical support phone number. Additionally, you can email Facebook to get assistance from the technical support team. Above all, the support team works 24*7; hence, you can connect with the expert anytime from anywhere.
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