Google Nest and Google Home Speakers make our lives easier by assisting us with a variety of chores such as accessing media, planning our days using voice commands, and even managing our daily responsibilities. What happens if your Google Nest stops working?

Not to fear, there are a few simple tricks listed below that you may use to get it working again. We'll walk you through the steps to fix Google Nest not working in this article.

Rebooting your Google Nest could solve multiple problems at once. Follow the methods outlined here to get Google Nest to operate again.

Rebooting through Google Home App:

To begin, make sure your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Nest speaker or display and is linked to the same Google account.

Now go to your Google Home app and open it.

Now go to your device's settings and select "More," then "Reboot."

It will re-establish the connection, and your Google Nest should be operational once more.