If you are experiencing problems with your email on your iPhone, there could be a few different reasons why Email not working on iPhone. Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can take to resolve the issue:

Check your internet connection: Ensure that your iPhone is connected to the internet, whether it’s through Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Check your email settings: Make sure that your email settings are correct. Check your incoming and outgoing server settings, as well as your email address and password.

Update your iPhone: If your iPhone is not running the latest version of iOS, there may be issues with your email. Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Software Update” to check for updates.

Restart your iPhone: Sometimes a simple restart can resolve issues with your email. Press and hold the power button until “Slide to power off” appears. Then, slide the power off and wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

Delete and re-add your email account: Go to “Settings” > “Passwords & Accounts” and select your email account. Then, tap “Delete Account” and confirm. Afterward, re-add your email account and check if the issue is resolved.

If none of these steps work, you may need to contact your email provider or Apple support for further assistance.