Image Converter for Windows is a program that converts several image files quickly and effortlessly from one format to another. With this application, it is possible to convert image files in a folder or another image and document format. The software successfully supports all image file types such as PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, SVG, and more. Also, the batch image conversion software has a very user friendly interface. Users can easily convert images files without facing any type of hassle. Also, it offers so many advance and eye-catching features like:

  1. The ability to process multiple images at once in a single operation.
  2. Ability to convert images to different file formats as needed.
  3. Ability to adjust the file size of the image to keep it within a specified size limit.
  4. Allows you to choose the location where you need to get the converted files.
  5. You can use this batch image conversion tool on any editions of Windows.
  6. When converting image files, the application maintains all the properties.

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