Many users would undoubtedly shun YouTube Music like the plague if it weren't for the benefits of the YouTube Premium plan and the fact that Google is eliminating Google Play Music. It's not that Google's music streaming service is poor; it's just not good enough to compete with Spotify (superior suggestions, UI) or surpass Google Play Music (excellent Music Locker and ease-of-use).

Many premium members have reported a slew of faults, the majority of which are development flaws, and they feel like beta testers for a service that will soon be the only option. There's a huge Reddit thread dedicated to all of the big flaws (thanks to user u/Bloody Mess and the sub's community). You may read about it here. Hopefully, Google’s department is checking them, as well.

Meanwhile, we've compiled a list of the most pressing issues and, when possible, proposed solutions. Take a look at them below.

The Music Locker, which had a limit of 50.000 tracks, was one of the most appealing features of the soon-to-be-defunct Google Play Music. Many music fans appreciated purchasing music or digitizing their collection so that it could be accessed on a variety of devices.

Regrettably, Google has opted to replace the traditional app with YouTube Music, a music-streaming service similar to YouTube. Google has now ensured a smooth transition by introducing the Music Transfer feature, which allows users to transfer their GPM libraries to YouTube Music.

Fix YouTube Music Premium not Working