Your YouTube Premium may not be working for one of the following reasons.

Payment for a new purchase was denied or failed.

If you're trying to make a YouTube Premium purchase and your payment is being denied or isn't being processed, you could be experiencing one of the situations listed below.

If any of these errors sound familiar, try the following:

You must ensure that your card information is current.

This could be the case if your credit card has expired or if your payment was declined owing to an incorrect billing address. You can view which payment methods you've saved in Google Pay, as well as their expiration dates. To see if your ZIP code matches your billing address, click "Edit" on any of the payment methods provided.

This could possibly be the cause of your YouTube Premium account not working.

Make sure you have enough money to buy something.

Insufficient funds can cause a transaction to be denied. Make sure you have enough money in your account to finish the purchase.

The best way to fix YouTube premium not working is by calling our support number at +1 888 653 7618 from 7AM to 7PM PST.