We all know that passwords that are longer and more sophisticated are more safe. However, remembering all of these complex and convoluted passwords made up of random strings can be difficult.

Dashlane allows you to automatically connect into websites and fill out extensive web forms with a single click. All you have to remember is your Dashlane Master Password, and Dashlane will take care of the rest. You won't have to remember or type another password. Dashlane is also entirely safe and simple to use.

When people connect into their email on their laptops and/or mobile phones, they frequently forget their password. They don't always keep their phone number and recovery email up to date. We'll show you how to recover your Gmail password without a phone number or a recovery email in this article.

The best way to reset Gmail Password is from phone number other wise directly contact to Customer service at +1-888-653-7618 from 7AM to 7PM PST, besides it the others methods are written here.