Urinoct is what?

Urinoct is a supplement that helps keep the prostate healthy with natural ingredients.

Urinoct was made by a surgeon named Dr. Wesley. It is said to shrink your prostate, raise testosterone, increase sperm production, improve fertility, increase lean muscle mass, and even stop you from going bald.

Dr. Wesley and his team sell Urinoct to men who have BPH, which stands for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Half of all men over 50 have BPH, or a big prostate. An enlarged prostate can make it hard to urinate, send you to the bathroom at night a lot, and make it hard to get sexually aroused.

How do you use Urinoct?

The makers of Urinoct sell the supplement as an alternative to medications for the prostate.

Dr. Wesley and his team say that men who take prostate medicine as prescribed by their doctor are unknowingly "poisoning" themselves. Dr. Wesley says this about the problem:

"We don't even know we're poisoning ourselves! Worst of all, they've known it for a long time! These elites are just making money off of your pain by giving you their expensive, useless drugs that keep you hooked and can even kill you!"

With prostate medicine, the symptoms of an enlarged prostate are taken care of. It doesn't deal with what's really wrong.

Instead, Dr. Wesley says to take his formula, which is called Urinoct. Urinoct is made up of a mix of natural ingredients that clean your body of heavy metals and get rid of prostate problems.

Why BPH is caused by heavy metals

Dr. Wesley and his team made Urinoct because they thought that problems with the prostate were caused by heavy metals.

Every day, you are around heavy metals. Over time, your body gets more and more of these heavy metals. They are in the food and water you eat and drink.

Heavy metals build up in certain parts of the body, causing health problems. For example, some heavy metals build up in the soft tissue around your prostate, which can cause problems with your prostate.

"...at some point, these heavy metals stop moving and get stuck in the thick tissue of the prostate. They make it red and swollen, which puts pressure on your bladder.

It's like tiny amounts of gravel are being pushed to your prostate every day by your blood vessels. As heavy metals move through your bloodstream, they cause problems with your prostate that are more and more obvious.

Have you ever thought about why prostate problems get worse as people get older? Dr. Wesley says it's because your body has too much of a toxic metal. Over time, these heavy metals build up in and around your prostate, which can cause BPH.

What's in Urinoct?

Urinoct has a mix of natural ingredients that Dr. Wesley chose to help support the average size of the prostate. After 15 years of schooling and working as a surgeon, Dr. Wesley had a lot of medical knowledge that helped him choose the best ingredients for Urinoct.

On the official website, it says that Urinoct has the following active ingredients:

Vitamin A
Urinoct has vitamin A, a well-known vitamin that is important for many things in a man's body. For healthy eyes, some men take vitamin A supplements. Dr. Wesley, on the other hand, says that taking vitamin A can help the prostate, bladder, urethra, testicles, and penis feel better.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is found in fruits and vegetables. It is known to help keep inflammation in the body in a healthy way. Dr. Wesley says that vitamin C will help your prostate get rid of heavy metals and "eliminate inflammation" while bringing it back to full strength. Vitamin C can even find and get rid of heavy metals that have gotten "stuck" in your prostate. It can also fix the damage that these metals have caused to the area.

Fish Oil Urinoct has fish oil in it, which is a popular ingredient in health supplements. Fish oil is good for your heart, energy, nerves, and brain. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are two omega-3 fatty acids that make fish oil work (EPA). These compounds clean the body of heavy metals and get rid of the cause of pain and swelling.

Why is Urinoct used?
Urinoct is made from natural ingredients that work in different ways to help your body's own detoxification processes. By taking Urinoct every day, you can help your body get rid of heavy metals from the soft tissues around your prostate. This will improve the health of your prostate.

  1. It gets rid of the heavy metals that are stuck in the prostate.
    After your body absorbs the nutrients in Urinoct, it starts to flush out the heavy metals that cause benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Heavy metals like these weaken your immune system and hurt your health. Every day, they steal your energy and hurt your health without you noticing. Urinoct says that it does more than just get rid of heavy metals. It also says that it gets rid of microplastics from your body.

Step 2) Gets rid of the swelling around the prostate
As the area around your prostate gets inflamed, your BPH symptoms may get worse. After Urinoct flushes out heavy metals and microplastics from around your prostate, you may notice less inflammation. As inflammation goes down, you might have fewer BPH symptoms than you did before. This inflammation isn't putting as much pressure as it used to on your bladder or prostate.

Step 3: Give your immune system the tools it needs to fight prostate problems on its own.
Your immune system has a hard time doing its job when there is too much inflammation. Urinoct can help your immune system by reducing inflammation and making it easier to fight off things that hurt your prostate. When your immune system works better, your body can fight off things that hurt your prostate, your sexual health, and your health in general.

Step 4) Lessens the size of the prostate and makes the reproductive system work better.
In the last step, Dr. Wesley and his team say, "your prostate gets back to a healthy size." Your prostate had shrunk to its normal size because of Urinoct. This made you feel like you did when you were younger. Dr. Wesley and his team say that if you take two capsules of Urinoct every day, you can avoid urinary problems, boost testosterone, lose weight, gain muscle, and get back the energy you had when you were young.

Scientific Evidence for Urinoct: Because clinical trials are expensive and take a lot of time, most companies that make supplements for prostate health don't do them. Dr. Wesley and his team, on the other hand, did a clinical trial after early patients showed very good results.

Dr. Wesley and his team found 67 people who were willing to help. He told the people who wanted to help out to take Urinoct for 30 days.
Before the 30 days were up, Dr. Wesley heard from many men whose prostate problems and other sexual health problems were fixed by Urinoct.
Dr. Wesley gave the men tests to make sure that the results were correct. These tests proved that all of the men who took Urinoct "got rid of BPH."
Also, all of the people who took part in the clinical trial of Urinoct saw benefits like a higher libido, better erections, more lean muscle mass, better sex drive, more energy and stamina, and better weight loss. In other words, after less than 30 days of taking Urinoct for the first time, almost every health and wellness problem men had was fixed.

Price of Urinoct

Urinoct costs $69 per bottle, but if you buy more than one bottle, you can save more money.

One bottle costs $69 plus shipping. Three bottles cost $177 ($59 each) and ship for free. Six bottles cost $294 ($49 each). + Shipping is free
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Each bottle of Urinoct has enough medicine for 30 days, or 30 doses (60 capsules). Dr. Wesley says that to shrink your prostate, you should take two pills every day. He also suggests the six-bottle package, which is the "doctor-recommended" amount.

Dr. Wesley says that he could get $347 for each bottle of Urinoct. He says, "This isn't about the money" for him, though. Instead, out of the goodness of his heart, he is selling Urinoct at a lower price.

Policy on Urinoct Refunds
Urinoct can be returned within 60 days for a full refund.

Within 60 days of your purchase, you can ask for a full refund without any questions. If you are unhappy with Urinoct for any reason, you can contact the company that makes it and send the bottles back to:

Address to send packages back to 19655 E. 35th Drive, Suite 100, Aurora, CO 80011
About Urinoct: A surgeon named Dr Wesley made Urinoct. He worked with Jason Collins to get the supplement on the market for men with prostate problems.

Jason Collins had a very bad case of BPH, so he went to Dr Wesley for help. Due to how bad the condition was, doctors at one point thought about cutting off his penis and testicles. After Dr Wesley heard Jason's story, he came up with a way to treat his prostate problems. Today, this formula can be bought by anyone in the form of Urinoct.

You can get in touch with Dr. Wesley and the customer service team at Urinoct by:

Registered address: 19655 E 35th Drive, Suite 100, Aurora, CO 80011 Email address: support@urinoct.com
Urinoct is made by Dr. Wesley and his team in the United States in a facility that is FDA-registered and GMP-certified.

Urinoct: The Last Word

Urinoct is a supplement for prostate health that, according to the official website, will "ensure that your prostate will return safely and permanently to its healthy size."

The natural ingredients in Urinoct can help your prostate get back to its normal size if you take two capsules a day. The formula cleans your bloodstream of heavy metals, which helps you get your prostate back to a normal size.

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