YouTube's subscription model, which has major premium advantages over its free equivalent, was just implemented in India a few months ago. YouTube Red or YouTube Music isn't new, and it's been there for a while in other countries, but its arrival in India has cleared the way for YouTube Originals, background music, and, most importantly, ad-free videos.

YouTube Music is one of the top music streaming services, and it has been for a long time. It will propose music to you based on your likes and dislikes, and the same is true for YouTube videos.

However, the YouTube Premium and YouTube Music subscriptions include a unique feature that only a few people are aware of. It can stop a membership for a few days up to six months, and you won't be able to access the premium features during that time. You can still use the free version of YouTube and YouTube Music with advertising and no background playback during that time.

The ability to stop a subscription may not be useful for everyone, especially those who use the service frequently, but it can be valuable for a large number of people. The YouTube Premium and YouTube Music subscriptions can easily be paused.

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