Suppose you have any query regarding your bookings and you don't know How can I get hold of Virgin Atlantic? So you can contact the customer service, or you can use the different mediums. When you use the different mediums, you can get in touch with the airlines. The hold depends on two types. The first one is calling the airlines, and the other one is reservations. These both are different from each other. You can use any of the mediums. When you use any of the mediums, you will be able to connect with airlines.

Ways to Connect Virgin Atlantic

Chat Support
When a passenger has any query, you can chat with the support team. If you have any queries so you can follow the tips:

Visit the website of Virgin Atlantic airlines
Go down to the website and click on chat support.
Click on chat option
Please respond to the questions they asked.
Now, raise your query, and they will respond to your query
2. Contact

If you want to contact the airlines, you have the helpline number of the airlines. To get the official number, so you can visit the airline's website, go down and click on contact us. Dial the official number and follow the IVR steps. After that, you will be able to contact the airlines, and they will respond to your query.