The New Holland 3630 tractor is a robust, versatile, and reliable vehicle designed primarily for farming and agricultural applications. It is a four-wheeled, 56-horsepower, three-cylinder tractor. It can cultivate, harvest, harrow, and plow among other farming operations. The New Holland 3630's loader can lift objects weighing up to 1,500 kg. It can also tow up to 4,000 kg of freight using a rear hitch. Also, the tractor has cruise control, which helps to maintain a constant speed easier. The New Holland 3630 was designed to be straightforward to use and maintain. Because of its independent suspension system and hydraulic power steering, the tractor is more easier to maneuver. Another feature of the tractor that makes working long hours much more enjoyable is a roomy cab with adjustable armrests. The New Holland 3630 tractor is a trustworthy, powerful, and durable tractor. Its top speed is 40 kph, and its petrol capacity is 65 liters.