When waterproofing doesn't work, it can cause expensive damage to a building's structure, pose health risks, lower the property's value, and require costly repairs. Waterproofing fails for several reasons, including poor quality materials, incorrect application, and inadequate maintenance. Understanding these factors and implementing the necessary precautions can help prevent waterproofing failures.

Lack of Understanding of Building Science
Many waterproofing failures occur because of a need for more understanding of building science. Moisture is one of the main reasons why buildings fall apart.

Role of Moisture in Building Deterioration
Moisture enters a building in various ways, such as through rain, humidity, or groundwater. If it is not appropriately addressed, it can cause damage to the building's structure and contents.

Importance of Vapor Barriers
Vapor barriers are essential for waterproofing because they stop water from entering the building envelope. They are necessary for climates with significant differences in temperature and humidity between the inside and outside of a building.

Understanding Climate Zones
To choose the right materials and methods for waterproofing a building, it is important to know its climate zone. For example, buildings where it is hot and humid may need more durable waterproofing materials than those where it is dry.

Poor Quality Materials
Using poor-quality waterproofing materials is another significant cause of waterproofing failures.

Common Waterproofing Materials
Common waterproofing materials include asphalt, bituminous coatings, rubberized asphalt, and polyurethane.

Choosing the Right Material for the Job
Choosing the right material for the job is essential to ensuring waterproofing success. Factors to consider include the building's location, climate, and anticipated usage. To make sure the materials are good, it's important to work with suppliers and manufacturers you can trust.

Inadequate Maintenance
Inadequate maintenance of waterproofing systems is another significant cause of waterproofing failures.

Importance of Regular Inspection
When you check the waterproofing system on a regular basis, you can find problems before they get worse.

Proper Maintenance Techniques
Proper maintenance techniques include:
Cleaning gutters and downspouts
Keeping the roof and walls free of debris.
Inspecting the waterproofing system regularly.
It is crucial to address any issues promptly and follow manufacturer repair guidelines.


If a building's waterproofing fails, it can cause a lot of damage to the building's structure, which can be expensive to fix and could be dangerous for people's health. To keep waterproofing from failing, it's important to know what causes it to fail, such as not knowing enough about building science, using low-quality materials, applying them wrong, or not doing enough maintenance. Taking the right steps, like using good materials, following the instructions from the manufacturer, and doing regular maintenance, can help make sure that waterproofing systems work.

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