What is account.live.com ?

Account.live.com is Microsoft's online portal for managing your various accounts for Microsoft products. There are many Microsoft products, having a different account for different products is a very difficult task. How to manage all your Microsoft accounts Microsoft has made account.live.com manage all your accounts in one place. Now, no matter what Microsoft product or service you use, such as Outlook, Hotmail, MSN Messenger, Windows, or Bing, you only need one account to manage all the products and services Microsoft offers. So we can say that account.live.com is a portal that is used to manage all accounts for Microsoft products and services. findmebuddy.com/account-live-com-acsr-reset-microsoft-account-password.

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What is account.live.com/acsr ?

account.live.com/acsr is a place where you can manage your Microsoft account password just like you can reset your Microsoft password and recover your Microsoft account password. There is also another portal where you can reset your Microsoft account password which can be accessed at account.live.com/ password/reset . But there is a problem with this portal, you can stay there and there are some limitations to use this portal.

What is the use of account.live.com/acsr ?

As we have discussed before, there are some limitations of the account.live.com/password/reset portal, yes, you can set your password only if you have recovery options, like if you have your active phone number or email address that you provided to Microsoft when you created your Microsoft account. But if you don't have access to any of your recovery email addresses or phone numbers, you can't reset your Microsoft account password using this portal. Here comes the use of account.live .com/acsr. In this portal, you can reset your Microsoft account password without having access to your recovery email address or phone number, it will ask you a few questions related to your Microsoft account, and the Microsoft team will manually review your request and your password. account will be recovered and you will be able to reset your Microsoft account password.

When is account.live.com/acsr required?

As you now know all Microsoft products and services or manage at account.live.com. therefore, if you forget your password for any of your Microsoft products or services, you may need to reset your password. Consider that you are using Windows on your computer and you are using a Microsoft account to open your computer. Now you need to reset your Microsoft account password to log in to your computer. and if you don't have your recovery options, you can't get into your PC or laptop. Here comes the use of the account.live.com/acsr portal. When you try to reset your password from your computer, it will ask you to open account.live.com/acsr on any other computer or laptop to recover your account. To unlock your PC, follow the process below.

How to use account.live .com/acsr ?

This is the procedure to useaccount.live.com/acsr to recover Microsoft account password. You must have a laptop for a mobile phone that has an active internet connection to reset your Microsoft account password.

open any browser on your computer or laptop or you can also use your mobile phone, you can use any browser like google chrome, firefox, mozilla or safari.
Do not enter account.live.com/acsr in the URL section of your browser.
Now a page will open and it will ask for two email addresses in the first column, you need to enter your email address and the password you want to recover. In the second column, enter the alternate email address. you must have access to the second email address because you will provide a one-time password in that email to verify.
after entering the email address, click the Next button and now you will get a one-time password to your alternate email address.
Verify your alternate email address, here you will have any security code from the Microsoft account team, copy that code and paste it on the next page and click verify.
It will now ask for your personal details such as your first name, last name and date of birth along with your address. Enter the exact details you provided when creating that Microsoft account you want to recover and click the Next button.
It will now ask you for some additional details for your Microsoft account, such as entering your old passwords.