CIP0001-Proposal to shorten VEST withdrawal period to 6 weeks


“Power-down” is the process of converting VEST back to COS and allows the token to be transacted freely again. This CIP proposes to shorten the power-down period to 6 weeks. Shortening the period is expected to encourage users to convert COS to VEST and to actively participate in content curation, which will greatly impact the entire Contentos ecosystem.


Currently, the power-down process takes 12 weeks. Every 7 days after a power-down is initiated, 1/12 of the requested power-down amount is converted back into COS. Since the smallest unit of COS tokens is 0.000001, remaining non-divisible amounts, if any, will be converted on the 13th week. Remaining amounts should be less than 0.000011 COS.

New Period

The proposed power-down process will take 6 weeks. Every 7 days after a power-down is initiated, 1/6 of the requested power-down amount will be converted back into COS. The remaining non-divisible amount, if any, will be converted on the 7th week. The remaining amounts should be less than 0.000005 COS.


For example, if a user initiates a power-down for 100 VEST on Day 0, the process would take place as follows:

Day 7: 16.666666 COS Converted
Day 14: 16.666666 COS Converted
Day 21: 16.666666 COS Converted
Day 28: 16.666666 COS Converted
Day 35: 16.666666 COS Converted
Day 42: 16.666666 COS Converted
Day 49: Remaining 0.000004 COS Converted


  1. Upon implementation of the CIP, if an account does not have a power-down in progress, the next power down will take 6 weeks.
  2. Upon implementation of the CIP, if an account has a power-down in progress, initiating a new power-down will pause the progress of the current one and the new power-down will take 6 weeks.
  3. Upon implementation of the CIP, if an account has a power-down in progress and no further action is taken, the power-down will proceed according to the original 12 week period schedule.

Effective Time

This modification will come into effect at block height 11,314,200, at approximately 2020-02-03 07:00:00 UTC+0.

Dear community,

As a DApp and block producer on the Contentos ecosystem, PhotoGrid proposes to shorten the current power-down period in response to our user feedback. Considering that many of our users are new to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, a more flexible COS/VEST conversion process would make users more willing to hold VEST and enjoy greater power over content curation without sacrificing token liquidity for over 3 months. Based on an evaluation by the Contentos Foundation, the blockchain modification will be technically feasible and will be easy to implement on Contentos nodes.

Since this change will affect the whole Contentos ecosystem, we consulted the Contentos Foundation to properly file the proposal. We’re excited to submit the first Contentos Improvement Proposal and ready to work with community members to successfully implement the CIP.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the proposal. Thank you.


PhotoGrid team




目前Power-down需時12週,起始後每7天會轉換請求數量的1/12。由於COS的代幣最小單位為0.000001,剩餘無法除盡的部分,將於第13週轉換完成。剩餘部分原則上應小於0.000011 COS。


本提議的Power-down週期需時6週,起始後每7天會轉換請求數量的1/6,剩餘無法除盡的部分,將於第7週轉換完成。剩餘部分原則上應小於0.000005 COS。


假設用戶在第0日要求Power-down 100 VEST,轉換過程如下所示:

第7日:16.666666 COS 轉換完成
第14日:16.666666 COS 轉換完成
第21日:16.666666 COS 轉換完成
第28日:16.666666 COS 轉換完成
第35日:16.666666 COS 轉換完成
第42日:16.666666 COS 轉換完成
第49日:0.000004 COS 轉換完成


  1. 此CIP生效時,若帳號中沒有正在進行的Power-down,下次Power-down需時6週。
  2. 此CIP生效時,若帳號正在進行Power-down,起始新的Power-down將終止原有的過程,新的Power-down需時6週。
  3. 此CIP生效時,若帳號正在進行Power-down,且沒有進一步的操作,既有的12週Power-down進程將繼續直到完成。


本改動預期在區塊高度11,314,200生效,估計時間為2020-02-03 07:00:00 UTC+0。



有鑒於這個改動將影響整體Contentos生態,我們諮詢Contentos基金會,透過適合的管道來提出此建議案。我們很高興能提出第一個Contentos Improvement Proposal,並且也準備好和各位社區成員一起讓這個提案順利成功。



Valid Proposal ✔

This is a valid CIP with the corresponding “make proposal” transaction at

Block producers and BP candidates please vote before block height 10,641,000, which is expected to be reached at approximately 2020-01-26 12:00:00 UTC+0. The voting result will be determined by the active block producers at block height 10,641,000.

For details on the “vote” transaction process for block producers and candidates, please refer to the “proposal” contract document (

Voting Result

Active block producers at block height 10,641,000: cosofficialbp3, cosofficialbp2, cosofficialbp4, cosofficialbp6, photogridbp, vickybp, cosofficialbp1, cosofficialbp7, cosofficialbp5, bitruebp, costvbp, contentosbp2, contentosbp1, livemebp, cheezbp, brazilbp, cosjiedian, ferrari, bigdaddy, raiseprice, imbest

Approve (21):





















Disapprove (0)

This CIP is hereby approved. ✔

The Contentos blockchain patch outlined in this CIP has been validated by Contentos Foundation developers and is available to all block producers. The CIP is expected to come into effect at block height 11,314,200, at approximately 2020-02-03 07:00:00 UTC+0.

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