Suppose passengers have some issues before booking flight tickets, and they are not able to crack the problems. To solve their problems, passengers will try to contact the airline's customer service. If travelers have chosen Virgin Atlantic Airlines to buy the flight tickets, then they might raise questions on How can I get hold of Virgin Atlantic? The airline will guide the traveler when they need help to clear their problems with the features of the airline. Virgin Atlantic is a renowned airline in Britain with all the top of the world facilities.

To get through the airline, the direct method is given below. Travelers can call them on their phone number, easily obtainable from their official site.

Here are steps to reach Virgin Atlantic and follow the menu section provided by them:

Click on 1 to select the language to talk to the human representative:
Click on 2 to check the flight status of the airline.
Click on 3 for the web check-in process.
Click on 0 to know the airline's facilities rendered to the passengers.
Click # for the booking and canceling process of Virgin Atlantic.
Click * to directly talk to the customer service of the airline.

These are the IVR sections given to the travelers when they call Virgin Atlantic. For further support, you can go through their other modes.