Gmail remains the cornerstone of Google's internet presence as a wholly owned company. So, if you forget your Gmail password, how should you go to carry out or recover your Gmail password? Look for the most effective techniques to restore your Gmail password. It's time to get over Gmail account recovery Phone Number.

Read the Steps to Reset the Password

  1. Head to the Gmail sign-in page

  2. Click on the forgot password link

  3. Give the last password you remember

  4. If you forgot the password, click and try a different question to confirm the identity of your account

  5. Give the secondary email address that you used that you used to configure gmail account

  6. You will get a link in your secondary email address

  7. You may get a six-digit verification code that helps you to set up a new password

  8. Reset the password of Gmail

  9. Choose a combination of Strong passwords of alphabets or characters.

Follow the instructions above to reset your Gmail password and gain access to your account. If you find the preceding technique insufficient, it is recommended that you contact customer service so that you can use a secure platform to send attachments or data to the other end.